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UL4570-LF XLPE wires

Our company with international products further fine, roll out resistance to high temperature high quality XLPE thin-walled wires

* should use:
Electronic appliances internal wiring. For small volume and requires high temperature resistant products such as sensors, thermal protector, etc.


* amount to decide:
The rated voltage: 300 V rated temperature: 150 ℃.


* special sex:
The radiation crosslinking, with excellent physical properties and mechanical strength.

And silica gel wire have higher than physical properties and mechanical strength and fine line diameter.

And teflon wire physical performance than similar, but compared to the soft.


UL4570-LF 32 AWG (7/0.08 TA) OD: 0.78 x 1.56 mm

UL4570-LF 30 AWG (7/0.10 TA) OD: 0.84 x 1.68 mm

UL4570-LF 28 AWG (7/0.127 TA) OD: 0.92 x 1.84 mm

UL4570-LF 26 AWG (7/0.16 TA) OD: 1.02 x 2.04 mm

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