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UL3633-LF LCD monitor, LCD screen back light in the wiring

UL3633-LF Lead Free XLPE insulated wire, RoHS compliant

Application :
Internal wiring of electrical equipment. It is adequate for the use requiring the consideration on voltage rating, flexibility, and space factor. (Internal wiring of backlight unit of flat panel displays, etc.)

Description :
- Rated temp. 150℃, Rated voltage 3K V
- Stranded, tinned or bare copper conductor
- Standard: These wires are approved by both UL and CUL.
- Lead free XLPE insulation. (Lead free heat resistant Irradiated Cross-linked PE insulation)
- Passes UL VW-1 CUL FT1 vertical flame test.

Our efforts to cope with the back of the core components lcd light of local and introduced by the lcd source of electrical solutions. ul3633lf, ul3613lf, ul3691lf, ul3688lf, ul10267lf, ul10368hf. welcome customers lcd facilities at me with suspicion of products, especially in the heat ul3613 ul3633 and a client i can give a sample or a small quantity you have to use any of the world famous brand in accordance with international standards in contrast, our products are confident that by stringent tests, we hope that more users understand ZHUOSHENG products, meet chinese enterprises have the ability of the supply by a multinational enterprises monopoly products, continue to provide for the letter

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