1473231712837957.jpgFoshan Zhuosheng Green Wire Co., Ltd is an enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing green wire. Our company bases on environment protection and develops by innovation. In order to tone with the exploitation of Chinese electric product in international market and avoid the reject of our product due to denial to the EU environment -protecting requirement, we develop LF series PVC, XLPVC green wire that doesn’t contain lead, cadmium, chrome, multiple bromine benzene and multiple bromine aether, LF series XLPE green wire that doesn’t contain lead, Hg, cadmium, chrome and other heavy metal.

In order to meet the higher international environment-protecting requirement and avoid breath of poisonous gas coming from burning of wire when fire happens or somebody misuses electric product, our company also develops HF series low-smoke halogen-free green wire without contain of lead, Hg, cadmium, chrome, multiple bromine benzene and multiple bromine aether. 

The company has received ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004 certification.The company implemented a batch management and traceability system, the product through the American UL, Canada CUL certification, and the products maintain a long-term and stable and reliable supply.


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